Hi! I’m Miranda. Providing content for ‘About’ pages is always the hardest…or maybe it’s because I am trying to figure out who I am – so bear with me 😉

I created this blog after tolling it over and over, multiple times, over the last 11 months. I have a voice, and just feel this need to share my story and this journey of re-discovering who I am. Maybe this is self-indulgent, a form of self-therapy, I don’t know. But I hope it will help you feel that you also have a voice (not necessarily that you need to create a blog) and that you can face whatever it is at any point in time and move past it as well.

So, who am I? Maybe point-form is better, and these are things off the top of my head. The rest…may you will stick around and we can figure out who I am together through my posts. 😉

  • I am a smitten Mom to two boys, who I love more than words can express


  • I work full-time, and also run a photography business
  • I have this persistent need to document and archive everything around me
  • I love DIY and am crafty
  • Coffee loves me, as does wine
  • I love to laugh, and to get a ‘gut-busting, tear-jerking, gasping-for-air, squinty eyes kinda laugh’ is therapy in itself
  • I eagerly indulge in reality TV shows

Grow with me. Thank you for visiting.


Oh haiiiii!